TH1 Standalone

TH1 Standalone 1.1

TH1 offers virtual amplifiers, pedals and rack effects
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TH1 offers virtual amplifiers, pedals and rack effects that can be chained together, with a graphical representation that looks like real hardware.
The top of the interface offers, among other things, a tuner and Global controls. The latter are non-patch-specific and enable you to switch input sensitivity, apply gating, dial in bass/treble EQ, and set the general reverb and delay mix.

The Overview panel depicts the signal path – to insert new modules, click a section of cable and choose from a menu. Reordering is achieved by dragging, and a dual amp/effects chain is possible because the cable splits and recombines with a simple mixer.

The Module View is for changing settings – click a module in the Overview to bring it into focus here, or drag the background to pan around. It's clear that serious thought has gone into TH1's super-slick interface – you can even resize it by dragging the bottom-right corner.

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